found this book page on clarendon street.
took it home and did a little drawing on top.

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things in the sky

angelic ambience ~ i’m proud to call this human my friend


Augustin Lesage

c l i c k   t h a t   l i n k

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*.• this whole album is incredible


Even though some of the links go directly to the iTunes or Android store, still double check them because most of them are available of both platforms as well as others :)

I haven’t looked into any of these but it’s a long enough list, it seems like some could be really useful~

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These close-up photographs of airline passengers awaiting takeoff are made from across the tarmac using a telephoto lens. The anonymous sitters are each tightly pinned in their oval porthole windows like the subjects of nineteenth century daguerreotypes-mementos of the departed before they disappear. Similarly, the uneasy conflation of proximity and distance recalls and expands upon the latent psychological tension in Walker Evans’ subway portraits, which were made with a camera hidden in the artist’s overcoat. Both haunting and melancholic, Schabel’s series is best understood as a poetic attempt to retrieve and rescue the world as it slips away-an apt metaphor for the photographic enterprise itself.

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