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luke made a song for any summer morning maybe riding your bike maybe sitting on the front steps maybe lying on a couch looking at the sun from inside

went searching / finding with chris

if you haven’t seen this series yet, please, do. it will make you think a lot and feel crazy and you can stream it all on youtube.

things in the sky pt. 2

the first test-pressing of shallow arrived in the mail today and that’s all i can tell you and i love you all so much and i will be able to announce more soon but right now this is more than i’m supposed to say~

infinite love *.

luke luke luke luke luke luke luke luke luke luke luke luke luke

source: holobody


(00:00) Untitled A1 - Kassem Mosse
(05:40) Memory Gongs - Cocteau Twins
(12:56) Sea, Swallow Me - Cocteau Twins
(16:04) Everywhere Is Home (Thank You) - Cuddle Formation
(17:25) Out Alee - Hundred Waters
(21:55) 1 - Gas
(28:18) Always In My Heart - Los Indios Tabajaros
(30:45) Surf The Gentle Waves - Michael Lifshitz
(33:33) 1 For Me - Tinashe
(36:59) Mis - Alex G
(40:15) Submersible - Oneohtrix Point Never
(44:03) Hollow - Alex G
(48:05) New You - My Bloody Valentine

Hadaka No Shima - The Naked Island

beautiful and slow and simple and sprawling

stream here

Anonymous asked:

Quick question: are you touring with Emily Reo and Cuddle Formation in Utourpia as well?

i’ve gotten this question a couple times now~ I’m only playing with them for the montreal date june 28th ~ sorry for being unclear! xx

*so blessed to be a small part of this tour*

The Newcomer to Shimizu (1960)

The music in this film..

♥ if any of you happen to be in toronto on the 19th, i’m playing nxne