Lunar eclipse October 8, 2014


Lunar eclipse October 8, 2014


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deerpaste asked:

i have a quick question for you, will you ever have merch such as shirts/ sweatshirts for sale? because i would totally buy that.

y e s

i think i’ll just start with canvas tote bags. i’ve always felt like that’s my favourite kind of band merch.

i’m kind of procrastinatin on designing right now though..

when i do finally get around to it, i’m going to sell them through a friend of mine who runs a little independent shop from montreal ~ http://kitan.club/

keep your eyes open!


you can now stream shallow at hype machine

official release is september 30

preorder here // digital, cd, or vinyl

this album is a big piece of my little heart and i’m so grateful to every one of you who have made it possible through all kinds of small and wide encouragement and love and support~

a little while ago

Listen/purchase: Azeztulite by ONA


listen with eyes closed or through headphones while walking in the middle of the night under strange clouds/across long bridges


This track was written and performed by Sea Oleena, as part of the Dreams series, an ongoing project where we ask our favorite artists to create a piece of music inspired by a handmade collage.


Negative found by Charlotte and printed in the room for error. Date unknown.

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august in three photographs

things in the sky pt. 4

i’m back *.•

follow the link to listen to the first song from ‘shallow’ & pre-order the album

the moon and michael

things in the sky pt. 3


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i explored the most haunting and beautiful mansion ruins in upstate new york with the portals family a couple weeks ago & i’m excited to share with you all what became of the day.

(credit to Jordan Beard for the photo)