an increasingly rare sea oleena live set shot by beatrice flynn & jean-michael seminaro


Yayoi Kusama - Infinity Nets

I can’t believe this.

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Best heard lying down in an unfamiliar room with fluorescent lights.


(0:00) What You Are - Sri Swami Satchidananda
(4:45) The Dance # 1 - Brian Eno (excerpt)
(5:36) Audrey - Ricky Eat Acid
(7:50) Wind on Wind - Fripp & Eno
(14:17) Courtyard Summers - Foxes in Fiction
(17:10) 光 (Light) - Haruka Nakamura
(23:43) Against the Sky - Harold Budd & Brian Eno
(28:27) It will draw me over to it like it always does - Ricky Eat Acid
(31:52) Among Fields of Crystal - Brian Eno & Harold Budd
(35:13) Rain Falls - Foxes in Fiction
(39:05) The Rip - Portishead
(43:37) In Space - Röyksopp

Anonymous asked:

You always ignore people who ask you for help?

I’ve been wanting to say something about this for a while and this is the perfect opportunity.

I get a lot of messages on Tumblr. The first thing I want to say about this is thank you. All of your words- and I do read them all- and thoughts are so overwhelmingly appreciated. When said words are from personal accounts, I am usually happy to reply, and most often do. I can send the message with the *answer privately* button, knowing that they, and only they, will receive the response. I value the fact that this communication is possible.

It’s harder for me to reply to anonymous messages, as I have no choice but to display the response publicly. Sometimes the message is a simple encouragement or a few words of kindness; feelings expressed about the music I make. These words are read with care and love and true appreciation, then stored quietly away in my mind. When the message is a question, I tend to simply wish it had been sent to my email address, or from an account that I could reply to. I don’t often find myself wanting to respond publicly to the questions I’m asked, and since anonymous messages can only be replied to this way, they end up falling below in my inbox, unanswered.

I make an effort to keep my email address displayed on websites like Tumblr and Bandcamp, for the express purpose of this kind of connection. I try to be as responsive as possible to emails, but unfortunately I can’t reply to everything.

Being the person I am, with the mind and the emotions and the soul that I have, I sometimes find myself in a state of unbalance. Perhaps I’ve given a lot of myself- my energy- to others recently, and I need to spend time alone physically, mentally, and spiritually. The world and everyone in it keeps moving when I find myself in this state, and therefore messages are sent, emails are delivered, questions are asked. There are times when I read emails I want to answer, but need to wait for the energy to find the right words so that I can reply with honesty. At these times, emails are flagged as important and replied to when I’m in the right state. Unfortunately some of those emails get buried, though I do try to go through my inbox looking for the starred messages when I find myself in a particularly outgoing mood, replying to everything that’s been left behind.

The last thing I want to do is give myself halfheartedly and carelessly, and I include writing emails in this giving of myself, as it has become a very real part of my mostly insular, introverted life.

I’m sure I could keep going, shape-shifting the subject into that of a commentary on introversion and energy awareness, but I think it’s already starting to get out a little of hand.

I hope this reaches you, anonymous.

x charlotte

a film album directed and edited by johnny_ripper

I spent saturday at the brooklyn botanical gardens with daniel dorsa, a photographer and friend, who took some pictures of our afternoon to share with portals~

h e r e   t h e y   a r e

L I L   D R I Z Z Y

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playing some shows~

february 19 toronto, on

february 21 kingston, on

march 4 brooklyn, ny


If I’m able to, then perhaps I’ll be closer to portraying a true expression of love.

          -Hayao Miyazaki (x)

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louiexv-deactivated20120518 asked:

Explain your current situation to your five-years-ago self.


wow. alrite. i’ll give it a shot…

hey chris,

your name is frank’s a long story. your girlfriend is about to break up with you because of the long distance. it’s ok. & that job you’re working..well, you’re gonna have to work there for another year and some months.. & then you’re gonna get fired. you’re gonna work a couple more jobs after that too. nothing glamorous. kinkos and at&t if you really want the specifics. but you’re never gonna be homeless or starving. don’t worry you won’t fail and have to move back to new orleans either. you are gonna get your heartbroken though. twice. if it helps, the first one is gonna be worse than the second. contrary to how it feels, it won’t kill you. in fact it’s gonna help you write an album. yea, you finally finished an album. people like it man. you’re actually gonna write and record hundreds of songs. they won’t all be good and most ppl won’t think you’re talented at first, but you’re going to master your gifts. you’re going to become a lot stronger and wiser..even a little taller. be patient. i mean, you kind of have no choice. and be good to people. i don’t wanna spoil too much for you, but.. you’re on a plane right now to the east coast to work with kanye west & jay-z. it’s all working out kid. you made it. 


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My last entry for Portals’ January artist residency is up~

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